Need Help with Plasma Burn In vs. DLP Decisions

I am researching a possible a Plasma TV purchase (brand is to be determined) but I am getting conflicting statements regarding burn in problems. For example, from watching shows with the 4:3 aspect ratio, will I get burn in where the black bars were? In other words, how long can I watch these channels before I MUST change the channel to a full screen display? I have about 12 HD stations but many are not HD. For non HD stations, I was told to stretch to full display but this seems to distort the view. Does Plasma have other usage restrictions?

Fom a cost view point, does a Samsung DLP TV purchase make more sense than a Plasma? My local Retailer is recommending the Plasma since it looks better but many of my friends have purchased the Samsung DLP (50") and like it very much. Any comments on Plasma burn in and plasma vs. DLP would be appreciated. Thanks
Due to cost more than anything other performance factor I bought a Sony LCD about 2 yrs ago, and I have been extremeley happy with it in all respects. That said, now that the prices for all have come down and I need room for a turntable, I am buying a Panasonic plasma.

I have helped about 6 friends purchase and install plasmas this past year, and the picture really is better. Well in my opinion. Also, if you just use a the simple screen saver functions on your TV and disc player (never hurts to be thorough), there should never be any burn in problem.

They are really all pretty nice. The Projection LCD's are still about 1/2 the cost of plasma, but all of the prices are down so much that it's less painful to buy a plasma now.
I stopped into tweeter store today and spent most of my time looking at the DLPs dipslaying discovery channel HD feed simultaneously. Obviously I had no control over settings of the displays at all. Ya know, some of the DLPs look pretty darn good! My clear favorite was the 50 inch Panny DLP I saw. I cannot recite the model number. It was the best one though. Second place goes to a 60 inch Sony. Third to Mitsubishi, and fourth to the SAmsung line. This is just an opinion obviously.
My $0.02 worth,

Have you decided on a screen size? In my own case, a large screen size was a high priority, and price versus screen size weighed heavily in my decision.

About 2 years ago I bought a 61" Samsung DLP and have been very happy with it. A smaller screen size just would not have been as enjoyable, for me. I liked the PQ of plasma, but in a 61" screen size the price was prohibitive at that time. You will have your own priorities and preferences.

One recommendation is to look at the new generation of 1080p native resolution RPTVs before making any decisions. The Sony 70" Qualia is available now, although it is expensive. Samsung for sure, and I believe others to follow, is in the process of releasing 1080p DLP sets at a much more affordable price than the Qualia. From what I have read, the PQ of the 1080p Samsungs is outstanding.

As requested above, I am looking at a screen size of 42" to 46". Based on the comments above, it looks like I am going to hold off my purchase until later this year (and maybe even next year). The plasma sets look great but I am concerned about the burn in issues and cost to buy. The TV technology is changing very quickly and my Sony XBR 32" looks okay to me. Thanks again for all your comments. cheers...
The Sony XBR (tube) TV's I have seen look great, so I understand your waiting. That said, next year there will be something to wait another year for, and so on...