Need some tips

Hello all,

i listened to a Genesis 350i today and it blew me away. I come from a DIVA system and well, its amazing but this Genesis was so incredibly dynamic and so incredibly fast. And the bass is amazing, it comes with the servo amps the remote etc. It is such an complex and yet simple system to use. I could build a very powerfull and simple system using a Wadia 860 going to a Tube amp for the midrange and trebele while using the build in amps for the bass. My room is small and my new apartment most likely too, so the diva is complicated. But i love the DIVA, just different. The DIVA needs new ribbons sooner or later, multiple amps and a huge room. This is all a burdon in some way or the other. The Genesis needs a BG 48" ribbon that cost me 1300$ a pair.

Can someone give some insights please....i am a tad confused.

What is your experience with the Genesis 350i? How difficult is it to find a Genesis 350i and is it worth it in the long run`?


Thats how i feel, but something keeps from me doing so. Everytime i look at my DIVAS... feels kinda weird parting with it.