Need some treble

I have a Bryston B135 Integrated amplifier.  As I get older there has been a change in my hearing and I'm not hearing higher frequencies, such as cymbals etc.  Normally I would just increase the treble setting, but this amplifier has no tone controls.  What's the solution?


The Schiit Loki Max importantly allows settings control from your listening position with the supplied metal remote. As the remote has a bypass button you can confirm  the quality of circuitry and its lack of degradation on the musical signal.  A heck of a deal at the asking price. 

Are you wearing hearing aids.  If not, it might be time to get your ears checked and perhaps demo a pair to see if that helps.  As we age, we lose our higher frequencies,

I just did a 2-week demo of Phonax Lumity hearing aids, and was surprised how well they worked when I listening to music. They come with an app that lets you control the parameters, including EQ. And you can store personal settings and recall easily.

My hearing was tested and found to be progressively lower after 2KHz, dropping down quite substantially up to 8KHz. Outboard EQ can certainly help, but the aids generally have more amplification than an EQ device, and are custom-designed to counter the measured hearing loss.

That said, they are far more expensive than an outboard EQ. But, at least, you can listen to music alongside another person who doesn’t suffer the loss that you do, and both enjoy the system.

Best, JAMES.