Need suggestions for a $1500 used system for my daughter.......

She just purchased her first house and she wants good sounding music playing soon! Yes, it seems I influenced her. 100% Tidal streaming. I will make all cabling for her. Small floor-standers or book shelf speakers.   Can be separates or an all in one. Needs to have a nice smooth and warmish sound.  She dislikes top end sizzle or bite. Full bodied sound is needed! Can be tubes, but only small signal tubes .... no power tubes.  Ok Agoners please offer me up some killer options! Most likely used with my small budget, but who knows?! Thanks in advance. 
this might sound crazy but if she would want great video sound also ; as a seasoned audiophile i am in wonderment over the Nakamichi Shockwave soundbar. It comes w two wireless subs that integrate beautifully. i mostly use it for music and am very pleased using it in a second home. looks good too. just a thought
I still say the Google Chromecast Audio puck is simplest cheapest way to stream up to 24/96.
It finds your home network and basically sets itself up, hardest task is giving it a name... Lol.
I use two of them in my house for older analog only systems.
SQ is excellent IMHO.
It only has a 3.5mm out but that can do both analog with a 3.5mmto twin RCA cable or a mini toslink adapter for a digital output.
I tried both on my Peachtree and actually preferred the analog output.

Only downside is no longer made but still some nos units on eBay at $50 to $55 Max.
Gets my vote as easiest streaming I have ever dealt with.

   If you're going with the Meadowlark Osprey for your daughter, you might consider upgrading the caps in the crossover before your daughter hooks them up.
Streamer ?   Used Bluesound Node or Denon HEOS preamp.   All streaming options, internet radio, can access NAS and USB drives.  App controlled.   
The Axiom M3 wireless speaker system will do everything to need for $1300. 60 watts per channel and will handle a variety of inputs.