Need to upgrade but what to get need advice

I currently use a Yamaha RX-V2400 With a B&K Components Reference ST 125.2 Series 2 Power A Amplifier.I have Nht 2.5 speakers for l,r,(powered by the b&kamp)and audio center one center and 1.5 for my rears.the center and rears are powered with the Yamaha.I use a SA3 amp that powers my sub.i want to upgrade to either a pre /amp combo or just buy a av budget is around 1500-2000.ive looked at new marantz,nad,and rotel stuff.Any advice or suggestions on brands?
I've tried, many receivers the Marantz was my favorite for awhile until I got an Arcam avr400.
You might want to audition one.
Good luck
As I've stated before, I love Marantz products but their published watts/channel data in AVRs can be misleading. If you read the specs closely, they'll state the watts/channel/8ohms but "two channels driven". You can figure that in reality, 70% of that value would be achieved with all channels driven. Rotel and NAD on the other hand publish true "all channels driven" wattage specifications. Can't go wrong with either a Rotel or NAD AVR. I've finally gone to separates and absolutely love my current arrangement which is an Integra DHC-40.2 surround sound processor and the new Rotel RMB-1555 multi-channel amp @ 120 watts/channel into 8 ohms 20hz-20khz all channels driven. If you can swing separates, go for it.
What is driving the upgrade? What part of the sound are you trying to improve - 2 channel or 5 channel, music or movie? Or is just HDMI and the new lossless codecs?
I want to upgrade to a pre/amp combo my system I use it prob 80% music 20 % movies.i would like to find the best bang for the buck.ive been looking at the arcam stuff.but am I better off to find a 3 ch amp and a good pre amp or good with a av unit?what about XOR balanced capability.