New cd player

Hello all,

just looking for some opinions on a cd player to replace my aging Denon dcd 3000. I do not own any sacd’s, so for now I’m looking at a newer generation Redbook only player. I do like having balanced outputs. My classe preamp has balanced inputs. Budget is around $1,500. New or used.

thanks in advance!


Yamaha cds2100. Yes, it’s sacd, but it pairs well with Classe gear and is a very solid unit. Check for current (refurb) pricing. I use one in my Classe system (along with several other players....but the Yamaha is a constant in the system.) Feel free to send me a PM with any specific questions.

EDIT: You can get one for $1499/refurbed with a Yamaha warranty. That is a smoking deal on a MSRP $3k+ player.

YAMAHA CD-S2100 Natural Sound Super Audio CD Player Black | Accessories4less


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The new Viking CD player just announced by Hegel would be a great option for you.

Reference bit-perfect CD player
New design, matching our P30A and H30A amplifiers Dedicated top-of-the-line CD drive and laser with slot-in loading Auto standby (configurable)
XLR, RCA, and BNC output
SoundEngine, MasterClock, LineDriver, and SynchroDAC

John Darko has a review out there discussing it but officially coming next month. 

Marantz m60  ... not too pricey, excellent reviews, solid build, classy looking... 

and @chayro +1   "don't assume a new player will sound better..."    

I have an old Sony that sounds excellent, as do my old JVC 3-disc players...  Denon makes and made good stuff.  

I had a NAD CD player some years ago that was quite nice. I just checked and you can get a NAD C 568 for $900 from Crutchfield. This is their mid-tier player.