NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables

CT Graphene Matrix Cables:

I have been using the CT GE cables for almost two years.
I recently traded up for a full loom of CT Graphene Matrix cables, including speaker, interconnect and PCs, and I wanted to share my experience. I started by replacing only the ICs to try and hear the differences.

The new Matrix interconnects sounded better than the GE immediately after install. I found the original Graphene Extreme ICs to be good but not on the same level as the outstanding GE speaker cables. As break-in started to clear things up, I can hear more clarity and detail not heard before. The ICs are incredible on their own and at the 30 hour mark, I can hear a clear superiority over the GE ICs. I recently started using the Teo Game Changer ICs and preferred them over GE but the Teo has now fallen to the new Graphene Matrix ICs. My Teo’s were and are great, and it is stunning to experience Cerious Technologies commitment to making great technology better.

On the third day of listening to the GM ICs. I couldn’t wait anymore, Having too much fun. I then installed the speaker cables and power cords once I had a pretty good feel for the sound of the GM ICs.

With the full loom of GM cables running in they are going through some strange changes and definitely need time to settle down before realizing what they can really do and very important Bob says to not move them. Since I have a home office I can let them run in all day. I’m at around 120 hours now and they are still improving. Here’s what I’m hearing:

Extended highs and tighter lows.
More detail and better low level listening
Drums are tighter, more clearly defined. So real is the snap of the snare drum. The bass has more depth, seemingly goes deeper, lower. This aspect stands out the most.

I am not in the industry, I’m not an engineer, I don’t work for Cerious Technologies, but I am a fan of the cables and am enjoying what my system is capable of.

I’m closer to my own pinnacle of sound reproduction than ever before.


Hi Everyone! Bob from Cerious...
The last six months have been great for us, setting a sales record for a six month span. Since launching our Cyber sale we have sold more in this one month than in the previous six! Added on top of this is a shipping network that is collapsing under the weight of on line shopping (Amazon..). It has taken 15 days for customers to get their shipments. Since many have wanted to try the Graphene Matrix and then were planning on adding on to it and taking advantage of the additional discounts this lost timing has "cost" them this opportunity. Anyone who has dealt with me knows I do everything I can to take care of my customers so I want everyone to know that everyone who orders even a single cable will be Grandfathered in to the further discounts of the Cyber sale. So...if you try a GM cable you get 30% off and are locked in for the next three months (!) of the additional -40%/50%. Please be patient as we are literally having trouble keeping up running invoices. So keep the faith we will take care of you and have a Happy New Year and just let us know what you are interested in and we will do everything we can to get you taken care of...
So, fwiw, I'll give my impressions as a newbie listener without the terminology I've read here so often describing equipment. I've certainly didn't go about hooking up the new cables as I probably should have. I just connected everything all at once. No A/B. No comparisons, nothing. Just plugged in 3 Matrix PCs, Speaker wires, Center Channel Speaker wires, interconnects for center and L&R fronts, I think that's it. 

Immediately I could hear a difference. I will say it is definitely a better sound than my stock cords and BJC speaker cables and interconnects. The sound is "cleaner" and less harsh, but it was not really harsh to begin with. It's hard to explain. Of course I have no idea what is making the difference, because I've swapped out so many things. Ha! Honestly, I don't care, it is definitely better and that was my goal. 

I'm not sure if it's placebo effect, but I do hear more details in the music. Not sure if it is "louder" or just "popping" more out of the speakers. It does seem more "effortless" and now I think I know what "refined" means. Ha again! 

Anyway, I guess 100's of hours break in etc etc... But I'm happy so far. 


RGrost is a good guy too. Thank you again

PS I am still acquiring pieces to turn my HT system into a dual set up for streaming. I'm still using an AV receiver with a BS Node 2. Going slow but I'll get there.

I very much agree the RGrost is a great guy!!  

Question for the guys who have had their Matrix cables for a while:
How long does it take for break in on Matrix interconnects and speaker cables, and what have you noticed that changes sonically over the break in period?
Curious if anyone has upgraded To Matrix PC on their subwoofers 

I have a couple of Rel s812 coming and considering if an upgrade makes sense and if I'd hear a difference between a Marix vs Extreme Blue. ( I already have an extreme spare as I'm upgrading to Matrix on my components)
I very much like Bob and the Cerious products, especially the Graphene and Matrix lines. With that said if you are already using a Graphene Blue power cord (if I understand your original question correctly) on your REL subwoofers, I doubt that upgrading to the Matrix power cord is going to make an improvement with the subwoofers. If there is an improvement for me personally it's not going to be worth the upgrade cost. I will admit I have not compared the Graphene Blue to the Matrix power cords on my Subwoofers.