New Mojo Mystique X

Who has ordered the new Mystique X being released later this year? I was going to buy a used Mystique V3 but they are just impossible to find. Ben had a possible trade in unit for me but the owner decided not to go ahead.

The new models carry quite a price and to take advantage of the introductory discount it seems they have to be bought unheard, just going on previous models’ reputations. Could those who are buying the new model please share their reasons why.
I had the Mojo Mystique Evo B2B with the A Core upgrade for awhile. This DAC does sound very organic and natural, which is seductive at first. That said it does so at the cost of smoothing over details, higher noise floor and coloration in tone. It depends on your musical preference, if all you care about is small ensemble jazz or vocals, this is a good DAC. If you listen to dynamic music that's either electronic or even orchestra that benefits from low noise floor and clear instrument separation and texture, this isn't the DAC for you.

-I'm glad to see impressions like this because I experienced that several times when highly regarded, natural sounding dacs were simply not cutting it when it comes to electronica, where detail, low noise floor, bass definition, and punchiness are important. A lot of audiophiles don't listen to electronica, it's the usual piano, violins and whatnot...which Im not knocking, just pointing out that someone's natural sound is another one's slow and syrupy.

and so what dac(s) have you found that for your use listening to electronica, that outperforms the mojo unit you exited from on those criteria you specified (clarity/detail, noise floor, lack of coloration, speed/impact)?

we would love to be educated...

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11-07-2021 6:17pm

I had the Mojo Mystique Evo B2B with the A Core upgrade for awhile.


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