New to Streaming

Is Spotify a Hi Fi source for streaming? What streamer is good at $1000


The CXN V2 is excellent and the internal DAC surprisingly good...I use one in bedroom system with Gato amp and speakers...they can often be had refurbished directly form Cambridge for about $750 including warranty and return privileges...

If you already have a DAC and are just looking for a streamer think about increasing your budget just a bit and look at a used Aurender N100H here or on US Audio Mart.  It s a very vice streamer with great software.  Used they run around $1200 to $1500.   Full disclosure - I have one up for sale on Audio Mart.

Had Tidal and Qobuz and could do a direct comparison. Qobuz was the clear winner. The Zen Dac is a good starting point.