New upper trim level Corvette or seven year old used amps?

Recently I have experienced quite a few people I know either passing on or being diagnosed with some type of cancer. And as I have never strived to be the richest guy in the graveyard, I was thinking of buying one of the new Corvettes. I also started to look at my older tube amps, good, but I had had them for about nine years, and the whole tube thing....then I started to think about some SS amps( I know, I’m going to hell). TAD M600, Dagostino M400, and then ventured into Dartzeel territory. Long story shorter: I came upon a pair of used Dartzeel 458’s, totally crazy price, totally crazy good. I have had them about a month and have enjoyed over 100 hours of listening nirvana. Had I bought the vette and drove it 100 hours, I’d have lost my drivers license, and spent thousands on tires, fuel, fines, etc.  
myth buster: it’s all worth it! Expensive power and speaker cables, interconnects, speakers, and Dartzeel 458’s.
Anyone that tells you otherwise is using cost not quality as a determining factor.
Enjoy the music and Life


Stick with audio equipment.

I own a C5 Vette.
The first decent riding vette since inception. The rest were very very rough.
That was the year they almost canned the car and it was a rebirth for the model.

Vettes are racing cars especially now.

As an audiophile do not plan on enjoying music in your Vette on the highway the acoustics are horrible.  At best AM broadcast is most feasible. The cars are loud.  Even the new models. If that.turns you on well so be it but it is highly annoying to sensitive ears.
The Run Flat tires are absolutely rubbish for daily driving I swapped out for regular sport tires.

The C5 and C6 generations were the last of.the Romantics....the new one's are a vapid piece of machinery in that dept they have gone by the way of.the Transformers look like Camaros and Dodge sport cars.

All in all at 22k for a 04 with 30 thousand miles I am not complaining but Vettes are more myth and legend than they are cars.

Your physicality may pose a problem getting in and out of one too.

Woman could care the less about them and the ones that like them probably wont be your type.

Porsche has managed to keep the Romance going in my opinion albeit at.a much cheaper price point.

Credit to Paul McCartney who owns a C5 at his age still digging one..

Millercarbon: wow touched a nerve, eh. You did not address my questions though. After just two years the GT40 engine was determined illegal by the FIA, so Ford pulled out. Where is the FIA based? Europe, where P and F cars are made. Why didn’t the FIA disqualify the 917 or 935 engines after a decade of dominance? Look at the early 80’s pics of Daytona 24 hrs. It’s like the 24 hrs of Porsche, with a mustang and two beemers. Also you didn’t address: why didn’t Porsche go head to head with the Audi at Lemans? Because they don’t Ike to lose, that’s why.
Fact: Porsche has made some of the best cars in the world. So has BMW and Bentley and Mercedes, and FORD!
Fact: the FIA is very political, and biased.

A racing rules body, political? Imagine that.
News flash: the race isn’t all on the track.

When you’ve mastered the subject, believe me, there are no nerves. There is however a sense of humor. Porsche afraid of Audi. Good one.
I had a '12 Cayman S before I got my 911, great fun, but I found it a little claustrophobic, amazing how much stuff you could get in it between the two trunks though. @jyadlon, what year is your GTS? We love ours. I know the Panamera's look is polarizing, especially the older version, but we love it and it can fit furniture. 
I am not a fan of country music, but this thread reminded me of this song:

As much as I like nice cars, I would give up fancy cars before the boats any day. The cars are much like the stereo. They are something that brings me enjoyment, but with odd exception (like special drives), they don't make for lasting memories. Time with friends and family on the water are some of the best times.
Is the song, “Ain’t it funny how girls get prettier ‘round closing time”?

Okay, now we are on to boats. I have a Hobie 16 that I sail singlehanded on the trapeze, on a 20,000 acre lake, fun times ten. I also take my wife out on calmer days. My wife and I honeymooned on a 40’ Bennetau(sp) for 10 days in the W.I.’s. My favorite quote “Sailing is like camping, with the option of drowning”. 

Thanks for all the input!! I hope everyone is enjoying LIFE!, however that is.