Newbie looking for system suggestions

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Pardon my lack of knowledge, but I just got a Xmas bonus, and am looking to spend it on a hi-fi 2.1 channel system -- starting from scratch!!! If you had around $6-8 thousand to spend, how would you do it? It will be for a 20x 24 room, carpeted, with cathedral ceilings (15 ft high). I mostly listen to vocal jazz, blues, rock, but often get a classical hair and have some very good orchestra + piano recordings.

Again, sorry such a basic question -- I have been doing a lot of reading, but I am still completely overwhelmed and looking for some suggestions to audition!!

I agree with Bojack. If you budget 80% of the cost for expensive CD player, amp, preamp and costly cables and then combine this with $1500 speakers....with careful selection you will have an excellent system but you will miss out on a whole level in sound quality that you could potentially achieve with $4000 speakers!

Speakers are where 99% of your distortion occurs. They are where the rubber hits the road so to speak. Most electronics today are actually very capable in terms of reproduction with great dynamc range, low distortion and low signal to noise. (not that there aren't differences in electronics....just they are more subtle than you will find between various speakers or if you go for better quality more expensive speakers.)

BTW: Bryston is professional grade gear and about the only "midfi" thing about Bryston, in my view, is their exceptionally good value!

...just my two cents....good luck!
After 48 years in this hobby/business and having had all the Bryston gear through here since their inception in the mid 70s. I find nothing pedestrian or mid-fi about any Bryston gear. The Bryston amps clearly rate in the top ten of any Class A/AB amps produced by anyone, past or present.Construction,build quality,circuit boards and parts used are some of the best you will find. The sonics of the Bryston product line is exemplary, and few can match at price/performance level. Just took in on trade a Bryston 3B NRB produced in 1995. This is a fabulous Class A/AB amp by any standard. The 20 year warranty is just icing on the cake and a further committment from Bryston on the faith they have in their product. Yes Bryston is high end gear and has been for more years than I can remember.

No it is not in the leaque of Pass Labs,Krell and Levinson,but then again it is not priced at those levels.

But for years of rock solid performance and a decidedly musical signature it is very hard to out class the Bryston product line. Value is where you find it and Bryston is at the head of the class in this field.
I suggest you start with very efficient speakers such as the Cain and Cain Abby's and the VividAudio Chameleon integrated amp. I have used the above combo and it is awesome. A Rega CD player and some good cables and/or any number of good, inexpensive turntables with arm and cartridge would make a great system without going into hock.