NHT 3.3 vs Mirage M3si

Assuming similar price and physical condition, which speaker would you choose given:

1. Listening area: 1400 sq ft carpeted basement area, speaker location will be adjacent to brick wall. listening will be enjoyed from seated position central to speaker focal point, but will also be appreciated as ambient sound throughout the location.

2. Preferred music: is diverse, from rock to jazz to classical. Hard hitting bass is appreciated, but so is a great sounding tenor saxophone or violin.

3. Current setup: Adcom 5800 amp (2 x 250wpc @ 8ohm), matching adcom pre amp, adcom cd player

4. House contains small children and I am slightly concerned about one of them toppling a mirage m3si due to its seeming high center of gravity and narrow foot print.

Please let me know your thoughts, as i would like to have context from you knowledgeable and experienced folk as i will have limited audition time and in listening areas that are quite different from mine.

Thank you!
I have heard and liked both ... in my friends room the Mirages needed to be placed FAR out into the room to sound good. The NHT's are designed to go against the wall but then stick out nearly 3ft into the room.

If you have cats, get the NHTs

I was driving M3si with a Krell FPB600 but SQ is average at best.
The Gallo was superior in every way except doesn't go as deep.

Also they are dipole so need distance from front wall ... just wasn't happy with them. I think in 2015, you can do much much better IMHO.
Ain't that some s&*t? You made this same post in the appropriate forum, and not a single reply. You post it in the wrong forum, and you get five.

@Shakey, yes I was embarrassed about that but am learning to roll with it!

Sounds like consensus is for the mirage m3sis. Considering they go for 700-1000USD these days, what other speakers should i be looking at?
Why are you even asking ?
If you have the slightest doubt it is possible young children could turn them over, do NOT buy them !