Nirvana pressings

Anyone done careful comparisons of different nirvana pressings? Are the new elusive disc pressings better than original pressings? I have the simply vinyl geffen 180gm uk pressing with the gold label sticker and it sounds very good but i am wondering if something out there might be even better? Probably looking for a pressing that captures the "dirt" of their sound. Something not "overproduced" maybe...
I pulled the Albini snippet below from Wikipedia so take it however you want to. I think it gives a pretty clear idea of Albini's recording philosophy and might point towards why Nirvana used him after the Nevermind recording experience if they were in fact unhappy with it. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with any of Nirvana's recordings and enjoy them all because after all they are great records and the music is excellent. I was fortunate enough to see them during the In Utero tour a few months before he did himself in.

"In Albini's opinion, putting producers in charge of recording sessions often destroys records, while the role of the recording engineer is to solve problems in capturing the sound of the musicians, not to threaten the artists' control over their product. In 2004, Albini summarized his opinions regarding record producers: "It always offended me when I was in the studio and the engineer or the assumed producer for the session would start bossing the band around. That always seemed like a horrible insult to me. The band was paying money for the privilege of being in a recording studio, and normally when you pay for something, you get to say how it's done. So, I made up my mind when I started engineering professionally that I wasn't going to behave like that." (Young, 2004)."
***I was fortunate enough to see them during the In Utero tour a few months before he did himself in.***


***putting producers in charge of recording sessions often destroys records****

True, but not having producers in charge often destroys records too in that they dont let the songs and the album be all that they can be.

I guess there's two camps out there? One camp prefers the kind of raw underground unpolished non establishment sound while the other is a little more mainstream.

Is punk about rejecting the establishment? Did cobain have a inner struggle as to whether the mastering and mixing was producing a 'sound' that accepted the establishment or rejected 'the establishment'?

I dont think even cobain was aware of how great this music was. That it transcended the one dimensional 'f the establishment' tiresome mantra.

The mixes and mastering that ultimately THE BAND allowed to go to press , i think, capture BETTER the greatness of the songs and the deeper meanings and sophistication within them. In my opinion THEIR sound made this music for the world and not just for a small sub culture.

In this sense the world REALLY could have lost something due to mixes and mastering! Thank God we didnt!
Old thread ya but You want to hear the dirtiest sound start listening to the bands cobain listened too meat puppets, stooges,black flag etc