Node 2i to Lumin D2 using internal DAC


I’ve just started on a retirement upgrade path to create a system for when I have more free time, hoping to have components I'll be happy with for a good while, I’m happy with my Facal speakers and have just upgraded my amp to a Roksan Blak.

I want a 2 box set up without loads of cables so it streamer into amp.

The node 2i is OK, i wouldn’t call it warm and musical I guess you could describe it as clinical and does the job.

Price and quality wise it a good way behind the amp and it make we wonder if the D2 would bring rewards of a more balances warmer sounding system.

Anyone performed this upgrade or have a view if its a marginal, good, no brainer upgrade?
I’ve downloaded the app to my iPad and its reading my library off the NAS and I do like the interface, streaming wise
i’ll be adding my Tidal account.


Chances are that either an external DAC for the node, or upgrading to the Lumin D2, will bring an improvement. I would only suggest that you purchase from a vendor that will let you return if not satisfied. 
"Why not just add an outboard Dac to the Node? The switch to Lumin may be a worthwhile improvement but I am personally a fan of separating the streaming and Dac functions." 

Tried it with my Antelope Gold and it made no difference plus i don't want loads of cables.
I think your choice of the D2 is a valid one. They offer superior sound without going to a multi box solution. There are obvious benefits to having the streamer and DAC combined.

I recently moved on from a Bluesound Node 2 running into a Mytek Brooklyn DAC. I got the Lumin D2 with SBooster.

I can say that while both setups are of excellent quality - it’s going to come down to preference of your ear. I thought I always loved the clinical, precise sound but when I got the D2 I was blown away by the musicality. You can certainly hear the difference between the two setups, and I’m glad I made the move to a one-box solution. Not saying it’s better or worse than the Mytek/Node2 - just different.

****EDIT - when you say "2-box, are you referring to amp + Streamer/DAC, or just talking Streamer+DAC?******

I don’t see the point, however, of using the D2 as the DAC for the Node 2i. If you want a two-box solution, I would suggest saving a ton of money and keeping that Node and pairing it with a Mytek Liberty, which is the same DAC as the Brooklyn but without the "pre-amp" capabilities.

There are, of course, plenty of other DAC solutions but why would you pay for the Lumin streamer when you aren’t even going to use it? Buy a dedicated DAC if you want to use the Node 2i as a streamer or just upgrade to a one-box with the Lumin D2. Or whatever one-box floats your boat.

Lastly, take some of that money you will save and invest in Roon. I never wanted to believe the hype, and now I can’t live without it.

Happy to answer any more questions based on my experiences. If you want to get more in depth just let me know and we can chat offline.


*****if you meant you just wanted amp and digital interface as your two boxes then I would unequivocally recommend the Lumin D2.  Best audio purchase I've made in a long time.  I can stop listening to my system and remember to listen to the music.******