NOS Tung Sol 6550 VS Tung Sol 6550 New Production

Has anyone had experience with the new Tung Sol 6550 new production power tube. If so how does it compare with the NOS Tung Sol 6550 ones. I want to replace my stock Sovtek 6550 in my ARC Ref 6 . But from what im seeing the NOS Tung Sol 6550 is way up in price of about $ 350. And the new Tung Sol 6550 new production power tube is about $ 35 from the Tube Depot. 
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@jjss49 -     "schubert ....what do u mean .....Never listen to Sylvania 6550s from the 1950s?"      As for myself; that was the question I answered and (as stated), simply with my take on Schubert’s post.        Just a guess; I’ll bet the OP found his tube replacement, long before this dead thread was resurrected.        Not that anything you posted was incorrect, but, at times; dates are also relevant details.

thx for pointing that out

i mistakenly addressed my comment to tattoo, i meant persephone, who commented just previously 0n 10-28-20 to which my comment was meant to be directed to
Regardless of whether the 6550 is a rectifier tube or a power tube, it has a significant difference in the sonic quality of the Ref 6.  The NOS Tung Sol totally changed the sound--for the worse.  I am sticking with the original Sovtek.
Have numerous KT88s, 6550s. The Mac tube amps from the 60s used either Genelex KT88S or Tung Sol 6550s. To me, and I just recently retired my MC60s, the TS 6550s gave these amps which had tube rectifiers, the most convincing reproduction. 
The new Tung Sols have great dynamics but there is definitely a haze that obscures the voices, but all in all the NOS 6550s caused the least listener fatigue. While running the MC60s, after hearing the NOS Tung Sols I rarely swapped them out.