Odyssey Audio Mono Blocks

I would like some opinions of these amps. Most discussion is on the Stratos.

If anyone owns or has tried these amp, what were/are your thoughts and what was the associated gear?
I have a set of these "Reference" Mono Block amps on order and I should be seening them sometime in Febuary. These will be replacing the Belles 150A Hot Rod amp. I can't wait to see what I have been reading on AudioReview, Audio Asylum, and HarmonicDiscord: Odyssey forum is true or not.
Taken from Harmonic Discord:

"Now, the final upgrades look like this:
4 x Plitron transformers
1 x additional 120,000 uF cap upgrade
24 x Wima caps
appr. 4 hours of labor per pair

Now, because of the sheer cost of the parts, I actually might have to do something that I hate to do; ask for more money. It might be that there has to be an additional $ 50-70. for each upgraded pair. My $ 500 target is unrealistic with the inclusion of the big Wima caps. Just not possible. I'll know in a week or so once I have the exact timing of the labor involved."

I am being charge $450 for these updates my new mono amps. This is $50 more that what was orginaly Klaus was looking at. At this point, I think the cost to upgrade an old mono amp would be about $550 or so.
Please report back on the results, I have the stereo and would love to upgrade to mono reference!