One Foot In The Gutter -Dave Bailey

This cd has been recommended highly on this forum. There seem to be two versions available on Amazon and Ebay, from Spain (Blue Moon, 2011) and Japan (Sony, 2015). Is there a preferred version sonically? Thanks very much!
The Fresh Sound issue collects three different Dave Bailey sessions in one cd,so you get "One foot" and the follow up "Two Feet" plus a bit from another session.As with all the FS issues the sound is pretty good,keeping in mind that this is a bootleg and mastered from another CD source or lp.Nowadays labels like this can stabilize the sound at an acceptable level,so if it was my choice I would get the Fresh Sound.I do have a JPN issue of the "One Foot" of an earlier vintage and the sound is very good,considering this was an Epic release and Sony reissued it I assume the master tape was used.