Onkyo/Pioneer/Sony connection problem

Equipment: Onkyo SR805 A/V Receiver
Pioneer DV-58AV Universal Player
Sony S550 Blu-Ray Player

Pioneer and Sony players are connected to the receiver via
HDMI cables and the receiver to the TV also via HDMI cable - all version 1.3.

The problem is that in order to listen to cds from either player, I must have the TV on; otherwise, there is no audio.

As a last resort, I can overcome the problem with the Pioneer by using the multichannel analog outs to Onkyo's multichannel inputs. This of course means extra ICs which I would very much like to avoid.

Onkyo has been of little help - except to tell me that the problem is not with the receiver. However, since it's the same problem with the two players, I believe its the
receiver not handling the HDMI connections/signals properly.

Would appreciate knowing if there are others who might have encountered and/or solved a similiar problem.

Thanks for all responses.
Try the following:
Turn off the HDMI "communication" feature of the TV. The issue with HDMI is that all connected HDMI devices need to be "vetted" before any signal transfer takes place. Maybe you can fool the Receiver into not seeing the TV, or maybe your TV should be on standby with an active "communication" with the Onkyo receiver. Try both ways and see if anything works..
I have the Onkyo 705 along with the Sony S350 BD,I had the same problem,but for my set up there is a 5-8 sec delay and then it comes thru after I shut the tv off,give it a try
I always find these HDMI communication issues such a joy! Ha,ha... In this case, Onkyo is right and Kr4 is right. The advice given by Upgrade1394 should solve the problem, because the rcvr is taking it's cue from the TV about how to handle the HDMI input from your "video devices." This is a common problem in a lot of systems. One important note; Many receiver manufacturers have resolved this issue in the way Kr4 mentions. In fact, his Integra doesn't exhibit the same symptoms. Let me know if turning off the HDMI communication feature works.
First of all, I would like to thank the four members that have thus far responded concerning my problem.

Progress or lack thereof: Yesterday, I spent about two hours on the phone first with Sony TV support and then Sony Blu-ray support - the end result being that I went into the blu-ray menu "audio output priority" and changed the "hdmi" setting to "stereo analog" setting. I then connected a pair of rca cables to the blu-ray line out l/r audio jacks to the SR805 front panel aux2 input jacks. I can now play cds on the blu-ray without the tv being on!! I have not played a movie yet; however, I am wondering if this setting will effect my surround sound??

This morning, I went into the Sony TV memu HDMI setting and turned it off - still cannot play cds without the tv being on. I expect to hear further from Onkyo today.

Kal, do you think I would have the same problem with an Onkyo SR876 or NR906??

Again,thanks to all for the help.