Pass Labs XA25 paired with Marten Oscar Duo

Hi everybody,


i got pass labs XA25 (25wats class a) running Marten OScar Duo ( 86db 6ohms ). My question is about the power needed for the speakers. If anyone has experience with similar combo let me know what will i get with pass labs x250.5 ( my dealer has an used to offer for listening). really like the A class sound but sometimes seems i miss a little bit of power. Sometimes its crazy good :)






I use an XA25 with Dynaudio Heritage Special, which are 4 ohms and 85db. It drives them to very satisfactory levels and I have never felt a lack of power.

I have tried the Dynaudios with my 200 watt Exposure 5010 monoblocks and did not feel that they needed the extra power.

Note that Stereophile measured the XA25 as producing 80 watts into 8 ohms and 130 watts into 4 ohms, so describing the XA25 as 25 watts is a bit misleading.

Obviously, the Martens are different speakers, but Dynaudios are notoriously difficult to drive and the specs suggest that the Martens would be a marginally easier load.

I would consider upgrading to XA30.8. The move to X250.5 will give you more power but it will most likely be a step backwards sonically.



The XA25 is most likely enough for your Martens. Pass amps are conservatively rated to 0.01%THD. The XA25 has headroom to 75-80 watts per channel into 8ohm and around 130w into 4ohms. I think you should be fine. 

@stereo5 its 15w

@audphile1 @rossb xa25 runs them normally but when i herd it with some ab 165w it was more open and better sound stage but xa25 had something in between lets say magic :) so i ws thinking if x250.5 has it all...