PC: Synergistic Tesla, Lessloss, Transparent MM

Hello, I currently have a Lessloss power cord to arrive in about 10 days. Besides the Lessloss PC, I've been reading and thinking about the great user feedback on the Synergistic Research Tesla line, and some strong user feedback about Transparent's MM. I'm trying to restore some of the cyrstalline clarity to the upper mids and highs (planar tweeter) of my Reimer Wind Rivers, while still maintaining the "meat on their bones" (the bass weight, mids fullness). I don't like cables that impart any leanness.

Will try the Lessloss on my Blue Circle BMPH integrated, replacing the Audience PC.

Any of you compared SR Tesla, Lessloss, or Transparent PC's?

Also thinking of trying the Lessloss on my PS Audio Premier if the system's upper clarity is not improved enough with the cord change on the Blue Circle integrated.
Thanks, Foster
Giggsy, in my system the Lessloss did not work out well on the PPP, but every system is different so you may obtain better results. The Lessloss is on a Blue Circle BMPH integrated and I do like what it's doing there, as you say making music.
I'm going to leave the lessloss on the crossover.
After more listening today I can finally say I am listening to the music instead of looking for faults.

Tvad, not everyone bought the cables at a discount and some who did went on to purchase more at full price.

I'm not going to write a formal review, I didn't buy the cable in order to get a discount, I bought it because it was discounted.

I do agree with your earlier remark about a distributor who could offer a 30 day trial period. Cost would go up though.
Well, I've had my Lessloss in my system for a few days now. I can say that I'm very glad that I purchased it, (yes I got it at the discounted price but after hearing it I would still be happy at the full price). I have tried it in a number of places within my system but for the most part I have used it on my ARS Sonum Filarmonia integrated tube amp. The biggest difference I noticed right away was improved low level resolution based on a perceived quieter background.

This manifested itself in me being able to better hear fine cymbal brushwork on certain pieces as well as backing vocals that we previously less intelligible. All of this is done without adding the slightest hint of brightness.

Most of these comparisons were relative to my Cardas Golden Reference which continues to be a nice cable in my system. I wouldn't say that it crushed the Cardas however I am actually curious to hear how the Lessloss improves over time because the Cardas has had about 1.5 years to open up and the Lessloss has been in use 3 days. I would definitely recommend this cable to someone looking in both the discounted and full price areas.

Finally, I had a bit of an issue with the cable showing up, (nothing too major but lots of shipping exception notices and a bit of a delay), Liudas was great and followed up with me via e-mail. I must say that I have been pleased with this cable and the service of Lessloss and will likely purchase addtional cables. Thanks,

I have my Lessloss pc a little over a week now and, did get it at the discounted price. First off, it needs more then 3 days for the pc to settle in for an accurate assessment.
I placed the Lessloss only on my Marantz SA-7s1, so I don't know how it sounds on my other equipment.

The background is a little quieter with a natural flow to the music.The cable gives a grain-free slightly warm sound to the presentation.It is very relaxing with a full rich tone,but without losing detail and rolling off the bass and highs.

The synergy on the Marantz is very good.Using some of my test tracks I wind up listening the whole way through, which is always a good sign.

Is it a good cable, hell yea for the price even at full retail it's worth it. I could understand how people are disappointed after paying over $500, but it's performance fits that price point and higher.

Is it a giant-killer, I don't know have not tried any mega-buck pc's to compare, but holds its own against cables up to a thousand that I tried.

Is it perfect, no,what is. Compared to my Black Sand referenceV it doesn't go as deep or as dynamic but, vocals are really nice.Might need more time I'll try my Sylvania 6sn7w's instead of the TS round plates in the pre that should do the trick,hope I don't lose that beautiful midrange. You see it's all about what's important to you.

YMMV and in your set-up thinks could be different. It's all a synergy thing some components mess better then others IMO.