Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat

I’m curious about this product from Perfect Path Technologies and would like to hear from those that have experience with it. I’ve bought and used the Total Contact enhancer and like what it does for my system so I’m interested in hearing how this Omega E mat performs. 
Price is To Be Determined. I do know that a large amount of time went into the original prototype; and he's since found a ton of ways to cut down that time. Have you met Timmy? He's a creative madman.... with inspiration in his heart, music in his soul and a sounding board like you guys. How sweet is that?  A dream come true. <3 He's been at this for almost 20 years, freezing my soft skinned fruit. DAMN IT, AGAIN.  <3 LOL <3 Call him, 603-203-4486. He lives for this stuff. It's Phil Lesh time, fellas. Happy Saturday. <3 <3 <3
  This new line conditioner sounds very interesting,  I can't wait to hear more about it
It would be interesting to know how it would be mounted in the service panel and what @mrs_ppt means when she mentions the new product being "plugged in".  Plugged into what?
@hifiman5 . Hi Phil, It's roughly 2.5-3" wide 2" thick and 9-10" in width. The neat thing about it is, you take the panel face off, and the brick rests in the bottom of the panel. It has two leads, you trim to fit. One either goes into an existing breaker, or you can buy a dedicated breaker. Trim to length. Insert into breaker, the next line goes into the common. Switch the breaker on. Put the door back on and you are done.  Plugged into.... the panel. <3 LOL <3 <3