Personal amp evolution

Seeing the over night success of the speaker evolution thread, it may be interesting to see what type of amp(s) we have all run. Same deal as the other thread-we will sort of create a puzzle of our systems you'll have to visit multiple threads to put everything together!!! ;)
For me I started:
Adcom GFA-565 monoblocks
Rotel RB-990bx
Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 5
Balanced Audio Technology(BAT) VK-60

either a CAT JL2, BAT VK-75se or Tenor 75Wp on the horizon.
My every other year post #4. Went through a few more changes but recently put a Primare integrated in the system. This is an older model (30.1 built in 2000) but had just been rebuilt & completely gone thru, so it was fresh. Actually I believe it still needed a bit of final break-in when I got it.

I'm pretty impressed & have once again started to seek out more music, which is always a good sign. Sometimes I just get in audition mode w/gear moving from one piece to another-not searching for "that final piece" but looking for something to really enjoy. Well, this might be what I've been looking for.

I'll check back in a few more yrs. & see what took place.
1968- 1972: Early 60's tube-type, All-in-one Concord model 555 stereo tape recorder. My old man showed it to me when I was a wee lad. I bugged him for years to give it to me, on my tenth birthday 1968, she was all mine.

1972-74: Lafayette (Pioneer rebranded) Integrated amplifier 25-30 watts/chan.

1974-76 Lafayette (Pioneer rebranded) Receiver 45 watts/chan

1976: McIntosh MC300 monoblock amps with separate power supplies. 300 watts each! I could barely lift them as separate units. House burns down soon after :-(

1976-1994: Pioneer SX- Reciever 55 watss/chan direct-coupled output. (no output decoupling capacitor, you had to occasionally rebalance the output stage) I bought it Tech Hi-Fi as a year-old Demo, they used it to demonstrate their speakers. Demo units are usually the last thing I buy, but they doubled the warranty and dared me to try and break it. They where right, this unit is bullet proof, I don't know how innocent speakers went to an early grave because of this bad boy. The low frequency range could make woofers hit their stops at both ends. It's still around, still working, doing garage duty.

1994-2009: Apt-1 (Tom Holman) pre-amp/Luxman MB3045 Monoblock tube amps. My first foray into really nice equipment, made me wonder why I didn't take the plunge sooner. The Apt eventually developed noisy switch problems I could never quite keep clean. I think they were just plain worn-out.

2009- present McIntosh MA6600 solid state 200 watts/chan.: The receiver I always knew I would own eventually. Interestingly it isn't quite as good as a match to the Klipsch Cornwalls as I had hoped. Fortunately I kept the Luxman monoblocks, and use the MAC front-end. Perhaps I'll trade the CW3's for B & W 804, 805, 806? which I hear are a better match for the MAC.
Here goes (from consumer audio to audiopile)!
Cary 88
McIntosh 6900
Pass X350.5
First Watt J2

Going to be hard to move away from Nelson's products...
* Mid 80's I purchased a Technics rack system, it had an integrated amp

* Late 80's - Denon PMA 300V integrated (My friend from High School that got me into audio still uses this)

* Late 80's - Heath (I don't remember the model, but it is in my basement. The aforementioned friend had a brother that worked for Zeinth, the parent (?) company, so I purchased it cheap. Another friend purchased it from me years ago, but I borrowed it a couple years ago and it sits in my basement now, he doesn't want it back.)

* 11/1991 - Forte Model 6

* 8/1997 - Meridian 557

* 8/2000 - Mark Levinson No.383 integrated

* 12/2001 - Moscode 300 (modified)

* 3/2002 - Mark Levinson No.383 integrated

* 1/2003 InnerSound ESL

* 2/2003 BAT VK-200

* 6/2003 Jeff Rowland Concentra II

* 12/2003 Pass X150.5

* 8/2004 - Classe CA-2200

* 3/2005 - Musical Fidelity kW500

* 12/2005 - McIntosh MA2275 integrated

* 5/2006 - McIntosh MC402

* 11/2006 - (Tried another Jeff Rowland CII, but key the Mac gear)

* 1/2010 - Luxman L590A II integrated