pet's & xmas

i personally know quite a few member's here who not only own pet's but treat them like family,this bring's me to the question,what did you get your pet for xmas.

we have a 100lb snow white americain bull dog who's favorite toy is a bowling ball so my wife & i got her a custom child's ball with her name on it,my son's treated her to supper at mcdonald's & bought her various squeeky toy's & a box of mint milk bone's.

im curious if anybody else will fess up what they bought their pet.

well our pooch 'kitty' as the kid's call her has totally destroyed everything we bought her except a little purple squeeky alligator that she has been sleeping with,its funny how dog's pick out what they really like & destroy the rest.

the bowling ball should be good for life.
I do also treat my pet as a family, for example, I got my dog this healthy dog bones which can be entertaining for him and yet a healthy treat whenever he is a good boy. :)