Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19

I saw on Facebook late last night that Mike Fremer told one of his Audio Friends that he heard from Peter Lederman of Soundsmith that he is suffering his second round with COVID.  Peter said he has blood clots on his lungs. That is all the post said.  Here is hoping that Peter pulls through with a full recovery. 
This all explains the backlog on my cartridge that is in for a retipping. I just sent him my prayers for a full recovery. I appreciate learning about this here. An audiophile national living treasure. 
One of lifes better people and one to be treasured by anyone with an interest in music replay. Here's hoping Peter makes a full recovery no matter how long it takes. Our thoughts are with you Peter 
Get well Peter!
Thoughts & prayers for you.
I’m a huge Soundsmith fan & customer.

All the best to Peter and his loved ones.
We are so glad to hear you are safely back home.