Phoenix, AZ

The Arizona Audio Video Club began life as the Arizona Audiophile Society in 1985. The name was changed a few years back to more accurately reflect the varied interests of the members. The club meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month, at various locations in the greater Phoenix area. We occasionally schedule special interest meetings, with topics such as music listening, equipment evaluations, tech workshops, etc. Members receive monthly newsletters, either as hard copies or by e-mail. Members also enjoy discounts on purchases at several of the local audio and HT specialty stores. For more information, check out our website at

The April, 2015 meeting of the Arizona Audio Video Club will be held at Record High on Wednesday, April 29th, starting at 7pm.

Record High is a vinyl record store with a great selection and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their address is 4242 E. University Drive in Phoenix, just two minutes from the Hohokam/Red Mountain Freeway interchange. Record High's website can be found at recordhighinphoenix dot com

Non-members are encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be served.

The club’s website can be found at azavclub dot org
The May 27th meeting of the Arizona Audio Video Club will be held at 7pm at Starpower, located at 7077 E. Mayo Blvd. in Scottsdale. Non-members are encouraged to attend.

Starpower sells a fairly wide variety of electronics and appliances for the home. Their 4K TVs are made by Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG, and Sharp. Their electronics lines include: Klipsh, Yamaha, Niles, Marantz, Anthem, Pioneer, Sony, Denon, and Integra. Their speaker lines include Martin-Logan, Klipsh, Paradigm, Revel, SVS Sound, Energy, Bose, Sunfire, and Niles. Starpower has four locations, three in Texas, and our store located in Scottsdale.

For more info:

star-power dot com/contact-home-theater-store/scottsdale

azavclub dot org
The Arizona Audio Video Club will feature a new conrad-johnson Classic 60 SE poweramp* and my much-improved MET1, 6-channel, tubed preamp at its regular monthly meeting on January 27th, 7PM, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Phoenix. Source equipment will be my Oppo '105 disc player and another member's memory-card player plus excellent powerconditioning and all cable, and my much-improved Audio Physic Avanti III speakers which are now biamplified. Guests are welcome, and refreshments will be available.

Come hear how good this 60WPC stereo amp sounds driving my 87dB-(in)sensitive speakers in a fairly large room.

Pls e-mail me at jeffreybehr(at)cox(dot)net for details.

* Graciously loaned to us by my friend Lew Johnson; TYVM Lew!
Looking for people in the general area of tuscon I live in Huachuca city not many audio people here  if your in tuscon or closer lets get together 
I have a large Fulton system