phono section noise

i have a problem with my phono section on my melos 333 gold, they are out of business so i have no where to get it fixed. i have a bad wind noise coming from the left channel. i have already replaced the tubes. there was no improvement. i have an electronics wizard friend and he touched up all the ground connections and solder connections he didn't think looked so good then he tested the caps and resistors with an LCR meter and a $40,000 oscilloscope he brought over. didn't really find anything wrong during the testing. just the touched up connections was all we did. i hooked it back up and i thought it was fixed. the wind noise went away, but it turns out only for about two weeks, now its back. can anyone give me any ideas for what to test or look for? it would be appreciated. thanks
it's not sophisticated phonostage and can be easily fixed by local tech. if you open the box, and touch tops of the DC caps and hear buzz or more loud wind, than probably you've ID'd some of the bad ones that need replacement.
after all these years of usage the solder joints need to be reapplied fresh as well. the best way is to remove old solder and reapply with new and shiny one. give your wiz these tips and he'll probably helps you to fix this unit. as to temporary stop, it even more proves my thoughts.
to be even more precise and without going into too much details simply replace ALL DC caps and reapply solder.

Are you suggesting that he goes poking around a live tube unit??? Sounds like a recipe for a safety disaster to me. NOT a good idea.
techies sometimes get zapped. it's just home electronics and sometimes you have to do things on the live circuit. you can replace caps and reapply solder without testing the unit at all if safety is that big of a concern. if you're not terrified or surprised of zap, you'll b OK.