Picking a Tube integrated amp

Hey all. Trying to figure out my amp situation and am looking at a few integrated to upgrade to. 

I currently have a McIntosh integrated and want to move to tubes. I have the vivid v1.5speakers and a Clearaudio Concept. Looking at the following:

—Primaluna Dialogue premium or HP.
—Audio Research VSi60
—Octave v40SE

Question...does the AR still hold up? It’s likely it will be a used model, but curious if it’s still competing with the others I listed. Any others to consider?  


One of the best (and worst) addictive habits one can acquire is the new old stock NOS tube search. I like old Sylvania military grade tubes and old RCAs. But there are so many with Telefunken and Mullard as favorites with many tube fans. Have fun!
Hi, just purchased a Octave v40se and am likely to take the plunge for the Super Black Box which adds 10X the capacitance of the model -- out of the box it was a bit bright with the sovtek 6550's and my Audio Physic Tempo+ but I switched to some Gold Lion KT88's and classic amperex in the preamp section and the sound is super rich and satisfying.  Crazy amount of power for my 89 db speakers, I usually don't get above 3 and that is some fullsome sound.  Love the ecomode function where if there isn't an active signal for 8 minutes it shuts down to sleep mode using only 20 watts. Never heard PrimaLuna though the writeups are really nice.  My LAD (Goodwin's High End in Boston) doesn't sell them, swears by Octave and the SBB.  Doubt you can really go wrong with either.  
The Jolida 3502 might be a great choice for less than 1500 bucks. I had a 502P for years that had tube slam for days...great amps.
VTL IT 85.  Rock solid and does not swoon like other tube gear that is not so well power regulated.  I owned the VTL TT-25 mono blocks and regret selling them as they did everything right.  And tube roll to your heart's content.

Also USA built and repaired if necessary.