Please help. Need solutions for monitor stands and speaker terminal adapters

hi sports fans!
I am considering the latest itteration of Joseph Audio Pulsars.

I found out they do not come with stands.

nor do they accept banana connections, only spades.

my ‘go to’ speaker cables (Syn Research Sig 10 active) are all bananas, of course.

anyone owning Pulsars that have found great stands for these speakers that don’t cost a couple appendages yet?

i was told the stands ought to be about two feet tall. other than that I’ve no clue on who to look at that offers stands for loudspeakers lately that aid or boost performance.

likewise, are there ‘quality’ e.g., audibly transparent adapters I can afix to the speaker terminals or my ‘all banana’ cables so I don’t have to have them reterminated?

your input here on these two matters would be a huge help.

Thanks much!  

The Cardas binding posts can be used with banana plugs by modifying the top clamp, see link and scroll down to the bottom:

As far as stands go, I recommend VTI, I use and like the VSP Series.


I’m really concerned in altering the cnonectors on these speakers where they could not be returned to original status were I to sell them later.

my preffs would be somethihng akin to a pigtail with a spade on one end and a female banana on the other.

big THX on the idea for stands. the prospected unit weigh 45lb ea. +/-.

I do know a welder. motivating him to fabricate a couple would be the issue.

Sound anchor was mentioned as a solution though at nearly a grand a pr, I’m not too enthusiastic despite the fact I own and have owned several SA products.