plz suggest a tube preamp to match Parasound A21 amp

Hi, I'd like to add some tube attitude to the signal entering my Parasound A21 amp. Plz suggest decent tube preamp under $2,500...New or used, but no 20-30 years old, vintage stuff plz. Fully balanced design is preferred. Combined XLR / RCA inputs/outputs are necessary. Recently tried Schiit Freya Plus, but didn't like it due to weird volume control function and delayed start. Tnx.

Freya +/A21 combo sound better than my SS (p6)  and I know that I could play with tube rolling to polish the SQ, but that clicking-scraping volume control and pretty long start delay of Freya is Just not for me. 
There’s a Unison Research Unico PRE available here for $2k (MSRP about $5k).  They fly under the radar but make really good stuff.  Best of luck. 
You might be able to find one of our used MP-3s in that price range; it would do the job. How its different from most high end audio balanced preamps is it has a direct-coupled output, and supports the balanced line standard, otherwise known as AES48, which most tube preamps don't (and a lot of solid state preamps for that matter).

AES48 reduces the liklihood of ground loops and also the artifact of the interconnect cable itself (if you've heard the difference between two interconnect cables in audition then you know what I'm talking about). Most preamps don't support the standard since an output transformer is usually needed (the Backert Labs Rhumba has an output transformer for balanced operation, so should be a contender here). We patented a means of direct-coupling a balanced output. Getting rid of the coupling cap at the output means greater transparency and bandwidth.