PMC Speakers

Anyone have any experience listening to the consumer-versions of PMC speakers?

You may want to look at the Proac D-48R. It might tick a lot of the boxes you listed.

After an extensive search a few years ago, I ended up with the Twenty.24's.  They're a very good speaker that very few people have heard.  I liked them more than the Facts (slightly warmer/more forgiving).  I'm kicking myself for not going for the '26's, as I could have kept those for a long time.  The rumor has gone around more than once that with the introduction of the TwentyFive line, the Twenty's were going away.  You might be able to get a sweet deal on the Twenty.26's.
I listened to the passive ATC SCM19s and really liked them but want to hear the passive SCM40s but no area dealers stock them. ATC and PCM brands have really limited availability and that may bd a concern. 
Geek101. Did you hear both? Why do you say ATC is a much better alternative?
I also heard and really like the Vandersteen Treos but I’m not sure they’ll have sufficient bass for my room (medium size 14.25x17.5 w/cathedral ceiling.