Poll: Which rack s would you use and why?

I have reduced the number of components in my system and sold two 5-shelf racks and a turntable stand. In the interim, before I get my new DAC, transport, line stage and turntable, I have my amps and one box CDP on the floor and the soundstage obviously got better without all the clutter. OK, here is the poll question:

I have a 14' x 17.5 ' room. My speakers are 68" out from the wall (to the front of the speaker). My amps will remain on the floor on SRA dedicated bases. That leaves me six components (including the turntable) to put on shelves (racks). Which would you use to minimize the adverse effects on the soundstage -- two lower (e.g., 31" high) three shelf racks side by side or a single higher (say 45") six shelf rack and why? I am hoping to hear from people who have tried both in their rooms as well as sound engineering type responses.

I am trying to decide what I am going to do so this is not a hypothetical question. Thanks in advance for your ideas!!!

PS - you can also recommend anything else (e.g., brands of racks. other positions options to the extent possble, etc.)

I use two shorter racks between my speakers - it sounds better - less scattering and reflection. Also I find it is MUCH easier to manage cables and components this way.
Sistrum rack between your loudspeakers actually improves soundstage focus and image height. I do not know how, or why this could be. I hear this in my system to be true. If anyone out there has experience with Argent Room Lens then they know by moving the lens they can move and shape the sound by moving the lens. The same seems to true of the Sistrum Rack. Move it left or right and the sound seems to follow. Move it to the center and so does the focus and dynamic stage. Tom
Hi, I just received today my Mapleshade Samson version 2 rack (4 shelf unit & bought 2 extra shelves) with the just released carpet spikes instead of the heavyfoot cones. The 2' thick maple shelves are very nice with the solid brass threaded shelf positioning hardware and 1 1/4" solid steel threaded upright rods it looks like it will be very solid. I'm sure it will be a large improvement over my cwd cabinet which uses solid oak sides and laminate oak shelves which are attached to sides with a bent small gauge rod that fits in the grooved shelves. I use a Black Diamond Racing source shelf with vibrapods under it for cd transport and Bright Star Audio isolation platforms with vibrapods under platforms for tube preamp and dac. I plan on purchase of a Zoethecus 5 shelf unit to compare them. The one I like the best will stay and will probably sell other or use in my second system. Don