Pono anyone?

I am wondering if anyone has tried out Pono yet? I was thinking this looks like a good alternative for being able to try out Hi-Rez music by headphone and even with the home system, since my squeezebox touch does not do Hi-Rez. Perhaps this is even an appropriate replacement for squeezebox overall . Anyone have thoughts on this?
I have had my Pono for a few months now, and its AWESOME. I use a serf cable so that I can run it "balanced" into my Sennheiser 650s and it is super sweet. I do not hook it up to my stereo. I only use it on the go. (my big rig has access to the same music the pono stores so no need for me to do that) but with the balanced cable it sure can be a great source.
I think there are better engineered devices out there at or near the Pono's price that outperform it. And I have a hard time getting over the Pono's form factor, what were they thinking - make it triangular just to be different?

I'd sooner purchase one of the iBasso or Fiio units before a Pono, the same or better sound quality and a much more user friendly shape...
I've been using a Pono player for a couple of months now and the sound quality is excellent. I purchased the silver balanced cable from Moon Audio for Shure SE846 earbuds I use 90% of the time and the upgrade bumped the sound quality up another notch. I use Grado PS1000 headphones the other 10% of the time and the Pono has no problem driving the larger phones. The sound quality is excellent with the Grados also. I no longer use my Apple iPod classic.
The Pono is not a streaming device btw.
I'm a Fioo X3 user because it sounds good and has a digital out. Yes it does DSD, can serve as a USB DAC uses SC's up to 128gig, is pocket size and, did I mention that it sounds good. Oh, and it cost around $140.00.

The pono does not have a digital in or out.
Rlwainwright,Have you heard the Pono ,iBasso or Fiio units,or are you going by what you have read ? I have to agree about the shape!