Never could figure out the affiliation of Porsche to audio gear as there is so much reference to that particular automobile here in this forum. Now I know why, cause it's the "Real Deal!"


I never liked turbo cars for their binary quality (Jeckell/Hyde) but I gather the 930 was a handful.

Yeah that is something we all heard plenty of, but I actually got to experience it first hand! As a PCA Driving Instructor I once had a student who had one of these. It was a long time ago and so don’t hold me to the details but it was something like below about 4k RPM it felt like maybe 80hp, if that. Then suddenly, and I mean suddenly like a switch being flipped it had about 240, something like that.

It wasn’t the power so much as the delivery. Like a freaking on/off switch! This means there is no such thing as driving a little faster. You are either slogging or balls out, no in-between! How anyone ever learned to drive one of these I will never know!

It was quite frankly beyond me. I simply was not comfortable driving another guys car as fast as you had to go to keep that thing in the band. Another instructor more familiar with them took the guy out and when they came back the brakes, you could see the heat waves, and the owner looked to be on the knife edge between giddy and terrified!

My first ever ride in a Porsche was a brand new 75 Turbo Carrera. It had a huge obvious surge but not on/off like this one. So I kind of want to believe it was this one particular car. But even so, to get the most out of one you really, really had to know what you’re doing!
I'm gonna limit my focus here to 'Porsche and car audio'

My 2012 911 Turbo S Cab has the Bose stereo upgrade. I can't really comment on it though because I upgraded the car with Europipes exhaust and always run with the top down. The car sounds absolutely amazing! 

Another pro tip: The Porsche 'rabbit hole' is very wide and very deep; enter at your own expense :)
halcro, wow, thanks. Now that I see where you are I'll have to put that on a southern hemisphere bucket list. Kind of you to offer. 
When you ride a Porsche, best music is coming from the engine. You stop radio and enjoy flat6 sound, especially atmos ones ;-)
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