Power cable choice, does it matter for subs?

Should replacing the PC on a subwoofer make a difference you could notice?

I just discovered I had accidentally installed an18ga cord on one of my subs. It was the most power hungry of the bunch and I feel bad about starving it. I did install a stock type 14ga I found in house and it did seem to tighten it up a bit but that could be my imagination. 

In your experience, any thoughts on if going to a better/higher gauge cord on subs would or should make much difference?

Thank you Steve for the great video very interesting.
Right now I have four subwoofers plugged into a Hubble outlet. I am using a cheap three-way Splitter, and should probably ditch that soon.

 I may look into running a dedicated line as the four subs draw considerable current when playing at higher levels. it’s close to the mains box so should be easy enough. I know the existing 1930 era line to be original, and is not grounded in any event. The install of the Hubble outlet was a stopgap measure last year, at that time I was pretty astonished at how ugly old wiring can be. 
If my house had 1930’s wiring - I would invest in getting the whole house upgraded before doing anything else..

Your could then get the electrician to install some dedicated lines for the system

Todays electronics draw lots more power than the plug-in radios of the 1930’s

You would probably notice an improvement in the sound just from that upgrade

Get a good 8 gauge or less copper cable  for better slam and bass detail.