power conditioning question gentlemen

      I,m considering a power conditioner /surge unit ,Two sunfire subs,nu vista intergrated(draws some juice) ,transport,dac,tt, phono section (dc-ac i may just plug in wall)  .Dedicated 20amp run directly to room x 2 hospital grade rec. I have been looking into richard grays,furman ref,shunyata etc.I have a unique set up here in nor cal.I am completley off grid!,I run a serious solar and res set up with a genny back up.The power is pretty consistant although during changes in genny start up or at time it does fluctuate a little .I never hear it or have never measured a spiked it drops slightly during those milliseconds.I would like to snag a used one in the 1k range .

If the issue is the effect of the generator have you considered a battery solution to store power from the solar array? The Tesla product is an obvious option. Battery based power supplies are a big trend in audio with products such as the Stromtank. Looks like you could get the same type of setup at much less cost given your existing array
May I humbly suggest that using Balanced Power instead of pure "conditioning" might yield some amazing results. 

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Happy to help... happy to dig in and even lend you a unit to try.


I have seen the core power not in person though .. I have a 16kwh battery backup it was 10k not lithium it wasn't in vogue yet( 3yrs  old flawless matenence)  .. Last i checked when electrician was there i remember 117 hz i will double check . Thd honesty dont know how to check that . When the genny fires on it is only charging the batteries 12kw . It also has other leads that send power only when on , hence the size .. But when it goes off i can see a slight flicker in the florescent bulbs . I rarely run my 2-2 when its either low or not being charged . Sun or gen i have a meter in kitchen % amps volts . Ht room hairdryrs microwave electric lg fridge plasmas on  no sweat . I know my amp can deliver 40amps of power sometimes i feel like it may be starving when im rocking . Never hear anything just my mind wondering .
              Inna i would have zero problems plugging the subs into the wall but the amp which has an external power supply tt and phono sec i would like to address ..
Thoughts please  
My PS Audio unit shows me that in most cases incoming current has over 2 % THD and outcoming 0.4 %, that's a big difference that I can hear. 117volts should be alright for most equipment but some will sound better with 120V-121V. You could get the same unit, it shows up on Audiogon from time to time, the going price is $750-$800, and plug in your turntable, phono, cd transport and dac. Not certain about your amp and subs, that could be too much for the regenerator especially for subs, I guess. Just an idea.
OK so you have an off grid battery source which is great, issues with the generator are probably best dealt with by simply turning off or disconnecting the generator when using the hi fi for critical listening. Your main issue seems to be making sure the sensitive components have as clean as possible a source (i.e. minimizing interference from other things on your power system like fridges and lights) and that the amps have a supply that supports peak load

If I was you then I'd avoid a regenerator at any costs (they basically will only increase the load on your battery cells and as the main benefit a regenerator brings is cleaning up the power which is not your issue they bring little to the party)

I'll not comment on balanced power (I used to have a full Equi=Tech balanced set up but the cost and complexity of this is well outside your budget). 

Currently I use Synergistic Research Power Cell 10SE UEF, being upgraded to 12 UEF so you can get good deals on used 10SEs, but still will be $2K a pop. They work exceptionally with both sources and heavy duty amps (like my 450W per channel mono blocks). These components follow a wall mounted Torus transformer so I already have clean power but the added benefit of the SR products is still very clear.

I also like the look of the new Shunyata Denali -- especially the way they support macho power plugs, but again much more than your budget.

You could try the lower end products in either line ideally working with a dealer that will give you a long trial and maybe a 100% trade up option. Alternatively buy used and trade up as you desire