power cord comparison

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the Bob Crump asylum cord to the Harmonic Technology Pro ac 11. I have already made a few of the asylum cords. a friend of mine think`s the pro ac 11 may be better. any feedback would be appreciated.
I had several HT's & sold them only because the IEC fit wasn't tight. I have one Crump cord, one LAT, a Stealth HAC & an Absolute power cord. Differences between the HT & Crump? Maybe there is, but I couldn't tell any. I did change plug ends-took the P&S off the Crump & put a Hubbell on. I think power cords are important to upgrade above the stock cord, but question where the point of diminishing returns kicks in. Just about any change you make in a system will be noticed immediately (good & bad), but the differences in power cords is very subtle.
I've tried many power cords, including the HT 11. I found it to be bright, but do like their speaker cables. I've not heard any of the others mentioned above.