Power Strip

Hi All,
I am planning to run a separate dedicated power line from the fuse box in my apartment to power my audio equipment and I am looking for a high quality plug to terminate the power line and also a power strip that provides separate wiring (phases) to each outlet.
Recommendations much appreciated.
You certainly have a very impressive system. At that level, if you don't want a power conditioner, the Audience PDC has no filtering or surge protection and their products are superb. I would definitely consider one of their Teflon-cap conditioners if you're so inclined, although I realize some people are against these things for whatever reason.
Thanks for the kind words Chayro. I have a purepower 2000 on the front end but intend to install a dedicated line for my power hungry monoblocks and need 4-5 outlets so want to run this line to a high quality power strip with no filtering. Surprisingly there do not seem to be too many options. I will check out the Audience product you recommend. I really do need to improve the power side of things in my system.
vicks7, may I humbly suggest you look into an AC regenerator like the PS Audio Powerplants. Even with a dedicated line you are at the mercy of the ac power quality coming into your home. A dedicated line can't fix noisy or inconsistent power coming in. I just installed the Powerplant P3 into my modest system and frankly I am shocked at the improvement. Everything is more clear, I hear more detail, music sounds more realistic. It is as if I upgraded my entire system. My only regret is waiting so long to get the P3.
Thanks Tboooe. Do the PS Audio Powerplants do similar things to the Purepower products? It seems there are mixed views on these forums as to the benefits of power conditioning and many have said that installing balanced power through a dedicated line is a better option. I know very little on the subject but I am trying to educate myself in order that I can make the right choice. The team at Audiopax came to my home a few weeks ago when they delivered the final versions of the Audiopax Maggiore M100 SET monoblocks and we set up a "temporary" dedicated line from the fuse panel in my apartment and the difference was astoundingly good.