Prefered Freight Company

I was wondering if there was any frieght companies that anyone would want to warn me about or recomend? I have been in the markey for some speakers and I have seen some very high freight rates. I dont mind paying, but I figured I would ask...
I move freight but I do not no anything about it, I'm sure there is someone here that will steer you in some goofy direction like they have been moving freight since they day they came out of the womb, as usaual.
Thats a good question... I was going to place some speakers up for sale but due to the size and weight, I need to ship freight. All I know is UPS destroys everything. Some of the guys I see driving up and down the LIE would probably seel your speakers before they ever got to your house...
I had great service from BAX Global about 2 years ago shipping speakers from Green Bay to Baltimore.
The old radio collectors ship the large consoles by Greyhound bus. You can only ship from terminal to terminal, but as long as it fits in the storage area, it can be shipped. I hear it is very reasonable too.
If they are still around - Consolidated Freightways - used to do a great job of getting speakers to us. What can really effect your price is what "tariff" they are listed under - the freight companies don't consider it their business to help you figure this out - the same size/weight can go for way different prices to the same destination - depending on what they are listed as on the freight bill.Don't try and sneak speakers in as something else - you won't have insurance if something happens to 'em and they are inaccurately listed on the freight manifest.