Primare A32 front panel-rapidly flashing standby indicator light

Anyone own or owned a Primare A32 power amp and had problems with the front panel standby indicator flashing rapidly?  Over the last few months I've had to manipulate the rear left speaker cable inputs to hear sound out of the left speaker each time I turned it on.  But the unit always powered up and eventually played beautifully.  Now I get nothing.  I've disconnected and then reconnected the power cord, the XLR cables from the preamp, and both speaker cables.  The fuse is in good shape.  But the standby indicator still flashes when I try to power it up. A designer flaw I've found is that the front panel is attached by 6 tiny screws (2 on top, 1 on lower L & R side, & 2 underneath).  For such a massive unit one would think the designers could've used sturdier screws.  The top right screw broke a while back and may have left a fragment in the screw hole (hard to tell it's so small).  The front panel now has a little wiggle room which may be causing some wiring hit and miss inside though I can't see how.  I've never pushed or pulled on the front plate after the unit was set up and it's played many months without problems.  I researched online and found Audio Elite Technician LLC in Lakebay WA.  The website says they offer factory authorized service for Primare gear (along with McIntosh gear).  Anybody ever dealt with these guys?  The A32 weighs 88 pounds and I'm not fond of trying to ship it out of state.  Should I try a local repair shop first?  I really love my system's sound and want the A32 back in the game so I can again lose myself in musical bliss.
Okay, I got curious and opened my amp.  There's a fuse on the bottom panel near the back.  It's fine.  BUT there are also 4 other fuses!  2 mounted on the left and right front wall panels.  And guess what?  1 is blown.  Problem.  Hopefully someone here can help me out.  The number engraved on all 4 fuses is F6.3AL250VP.  I've looked around on the internet and seen fuses that end in 250V but none with 250VP.  Can someone tell me the difference between VP and V (and please dummy it down to simple language)?  Also, where can I find a VP fuse or is it safe to just use the 250V?  The manual says replace the exact same fuse.
This is great. I have not yet opened mine but it looks like we are making progress. I googled 250VP and saw something about 'pulsating' current. There were some for sale. I am thinking - take it to an electrical supply house and have them match it up. Good job sir, you have made my day!
 Why don't you just order the fuses from Vana/Primare dist.
 it would be quicker and you would be insured its correct.
 a Voltmeter 26 buks at Harbor Freight
  ohms scale/Tone Beep checks the fuses instead of looking.
 Good Luck
gentlemen, I am a Mrs. not a sir (not that you could have know). But audioconnection, I did email Primare at I asked if they have fuses for sale. I am waiting on a response. Thanks for the suggestion. I just hope when all is said and done, the fuse is the only thing that needs attention. I’ll just add the Primare A32 is some kind of beast with it’s cover off!