problem with rega planet

I have a rega plannet about three years old that has recently had trouble with the first 3 or 4 tacks of a cd.Tracks 1-4 when played skip randomly,on any cd while songs 4 or 5 play fine.Any ideas as to what the problem may be and or how to resolve the issue would be appreciated
very much.
ahh you should had bought a Cayin 17. Mine is working perfect after 4 yrs. cdp's have a notorious reputation of break downs. Know which break down(avoid) and which are reliable(purchase).
laser problem, possibly alignment probably dying and needs replaced. The telltale is beginning tracks(less RPM) are more likely to skip than ending tacks(more RPM) Good luck.

It could be as simple as a dirty laser or, worse, a failing
mechanism. Contact the distributor. They can provide you contact information for an authorized Rega repair facility.
If you budget allows consider upgrading to the Rega Apollo.
Much better than the original or 2000 planet.

Bartokfan, can you ever respond to a question without pushing Cayin?