Processor choices...

I'm in the market for a reasonbly priced processor and DVD player. My main system is Vandersteen 5's BAT VK5se and BAT VK-D5se. Amps for the front channels have not been determined but I'm leaning towards tubes. My main concern is 2 channel audio but would still like to have a pleasing home theater. I have a Rotel receiver and dvd player hooked up to a smaller TV and am wondering if a similar setup as a loop through my other equipment would still sound and look OK. Any thoughts?
If 2 channel is your main concern, I would recommend the Classe SSP25 or SSP75. The SSP25 can be had for less than $2000 and would pass as a very solid 2 channel preamp. The SSP25 does not have a lot of flexibility, but was the best sounding one I heard for under $5000.
As someone who has dumped WAY too much money into an HT system, i would keep it simple and seperate from your HT system. Some reasonable sized monitors with a powered sub and decent 5 channel receiver will probably do everything that you want it to do and more. Besides that, you will end up upgrading your processor WAY more often that you would like.