PS Audio DAC output


I have a PS Audio DLIII DAC (with Cullen stage IV mods) which I think has a bit "hard", agressive and fatiguing sound...

 According a review, its output is around 2,8V. I plug the DAC at the "Direct Input" of my integrated amp (bypassing pre), which sensitivity is 1V/5kohm (1kHz). Is ok?

Hi. The direct input is the shortest path on my integrated, the signal goes to an exclusive volume pot, then straight to the power amp (Yes, I still have volume control!). The whole preamp section is bypassed, even the normal volume pot, cause the pots are not the same.

What source is driving the DAC?  USB?  S/PDIF coax?

The source can easily be at fault.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Dear, Steve.

As a transport, I have two options:

1) An Asus notebook connected to DAC via USB.
2) I also have a Squeezebox Touch, via S/PDIF coax.

Between them, I prefer the notebook via USB. The Squeezebox+S/PDIF sounds a bit lean...

I Only hear redbook files.
What is the make and model of your integrated amp? What happens when you don't bypass the pre--is the sound still "aggressive and fatiguing"?