PS Audio FPGA dac

What happened to the PS Audio’s Direct Stream FPGA dac with the recurring firmware updates?

It used to be a hot topic with every new iteration of the firmware.

Does each firmware update improve the sound significantly or has the company stopped offering updates?


Have searched but there is no discussion on the latest firmware updates for the last quarter. 

Like many things audio that are introduced with much fanfare - they eventually blend in with the crowd. 

They’re working on Direct Stream mkII - possibly releasing before the end of the year. I think the updates are done with the original.

Yes they are done with the firmware updates although you can continue to download any of the firmware versions from their website .

Sunlight was released about a year ago...the DS v2 was intended to have been released by now, but hopefully this summer...they stated no more updates would be released...long threads on PS forums on the topic, though it seems a very high percentage prefer the latest update each time, though always some very vocal dissenters...some owners keep the SD card with the different updates, as it is easy to change

Mine’s a keeper. The updates are done but you can still get most of them on their site, all independent of each other. I got it direct for <$3500 with junk trade ins. It’s a good buy at that. Plenty around pre owned. Darko equated it with the Dave, two firmwares back. The last OS pushed the soundstage back better than moving the speakers.

I’m thinking the Mk.II will cost 5 figures.

agree with fuzz that at 3 grand the psa-ds is a decent buy, even with the unit now at end of life in terms of further development and updates

the firmware versions materially change the musical presentation of the dac, though it takes a little patience to reload earlier or later versions if you want more warm/romantic or more forward sound

the bridge feature isn’t too good though, hurts sound quality

in my experience it is a full step below the chord dave or mscaler/hugo tt2 though...

To the best of my knowledge, PS Audio has discontinued the DirectStream DAC. It will be replaced late this year with their new much more expensive DAC with an MSRP of around $7000-8000. I feel that the used DirectStream DACs as a result will see an increase in used market value. By the way, you can download all of the DS DAC firmware to your computer so you will have the library of firmware at ready access. 

This company has a goal to make money (like most in the market) ... They need to sell you something every year or even a quarter ...
So much noise, such pomp... I listened to their best product - NOTHING SUPERNATURAL AT ALL! .. - the usual DAC.
now a generation of morons has grown up (((they are easy to deceive - the main thing is to feed them with promises ... most of them have never been to the conservatory ... they only need a car subwoofer and mp3 content.

Even 25 years ago they made DACs with excellent sound ... (those who did not save on details still work) ...

Many do not know that cars used to be made of iron (not foil) ... and the W210 Mercedes did not break at all and driving was a pleasure ...