Purist interconnect cables

It appears that the PAD Proteus Rev B was not kept in he PAD line for very long; were there issues with this cable? How does it compare to the new Venustas line, which is actually cheaper than the original Proteus Rev B?

I think you should email Purist dealer Albert Porter on this site.  I'm sure he can answer your question.  Very responsive person.  BTW, I have recent experience with both the Venusta and Neptune and they are both great cables at their price points.
There are many used Venusta for sale but almost never Neptune. Neptune is Purist's best value cable, very popular.
I bought a few Purist cables from Albert Porter--a very good dealer.  However, my inquiry was related to a cable that seems to have been taken out of the PAD line and I thought this forum would be the best source for objective input on this.
Why would you think anyone here would have more information about the PAD line than a long-time PAD dealer?  Well, let's wait and see. Perhaps you're correct. 
why the op doesn’t contact Jim from PA is beyond me.

he would have had his answer already.