Qobuz Issue

I've purchased a "Sublime" account, which Qobuz accepted my Credit Card for. I go to download discounted music and Qobuz won't accept that same card. Turns out, they won't accept any card for downloading. I attempted to buy music with my debit card, no good. I've contacted my card company twice and they assure me theres no block on my Credit card. Sebastien and I are swapping emails and that's slow. Sebastien tells me they have opened investigation that can take up to 10 days. Anyone have suggestions or a remedy?



If I were you I would spend about $30 on a small program called Soundtap which will record anything that is playing on your desktop and even at 24/96 resolution and then you can give qobuz the old two finger solution.

Hi Jim204, before I started this topic I had already subscribed to the Sublime account, I couldn’t just walk away. Sadly, turns out that I’m unable to take advantage of Sublime discounts for the year that I signed up for. Sebastien tells me that he CAN’T give the 49 days I wasn’t able to use Qobuz back, BUT, here’s a free download up to $15. I just said that was great, downloaded the album and moved past it.

@marksealy I’m not finding the need to clear anything or set anything differently. Just like before I’m able to open then desktop app, click purchase and a Qobuz cart opens in Mozilla and I use my credit card to pay. Thanks for sticking with me through the journey. For me all is well at this point. 😀 I hope that you end up getting what you need from Qobuz also.

Sublime years over and I suspected Qobuz might give me the time I was unable to purchase discounted downloads back. NOPE. After my extension request, Sebastien said extensions weren't possible. Then the next day, I found it odd how he wanted to investigate. Looking back for the emails him and traded. I could only find emails from January of this year. Which was 2 months after the sign up day. As you might guess he said that I needed to contact them immediately after an issue happens. So, I was out of luck but, he did offer a free download.