Quad 989/2905 all around qualities


I would like to ask how newer versions of QUAD ESL with additional
bass panels perform in other styles of music rather traditional QUAD ESL
ultimate - jazz, classic, vocals and acoustic in general. Are they a way better then ESL63 let's say in progressive rock, pop of 80's psychedelic, fusion, or modern free jazz with some touch of electronic ?
I am not talking about hard rock, trance/house/excessive electronic or dynamic music.

Unfortunately, I can't listen to the new QUADS ESL in my area, so all i can do is trust some reviews and ask for people opinions.

I liked a lot ESL63 for what they do, but they were almost unlistenable while I was feeding them with LED ZEPPELIN or BoneyM for example.
So how are the new ones ?
Thank you.
My impressions of JBL L300 were very positive.
I understand why some people fall for them.
They are musical and have very sweet vintage(still quite refine and not exceptionally over colored) sound that suits classic rock and jazz. Easy on ears. Big box speakers with deep rich sound.
Overall for me they were nice - very good for classic rock and jazz; OK with modern music and classic. Not as huge bass as one might expect. Need a room space and an SPL volume to reach saturation. Not as refine as today speakers. Different sound from most modern speakers.
Still couldn't call it "a sound i am looking for".
Will continue with the search :-)
SF Guarneri, KEF 107 and Vandersteen 3A seems to be next on my list. Probably Von Shweikert.
As for planar speakers, still looking for some 2nd hand Apogees to listen to...
If you are looking for Apogee Stages (which are amazing speakers in my opinion),let me know. Dealer i am very good friends with has a pair.

Good luck with SF G. All 3 generations are a little different but all good.
Late to the party but: I recently auditioned pairs of recently refurbished 989 and new 2905s. (NB I owned QUAD ESLs in England and stacked QUADs and 63 in the USA. I tried Maggies but "went back to school" )

I found both speakers to roll off the top end and reduce transparency even with high damping factor solid state equipment and cables of impeccable pedigree. Valve amps with high output impedance really took off the top.

Since then I have seen measurements from various sources that confirm they roll-off from 8-10kHZ on down even in the "sweet spot." I don't consider a speaker down 15dB at 15kHZ to be a viable offering. Bring on the super-tweeters, Nordic cables and endless tweaking for the hobbyist.