Quad ESL 57 Question

I'm moving to a smaller home. I have had Quad ESL 57 forever. I have to make some changes to my system because of the samller living area. Getting rid of the Quads is not a consideration. My question is this: has anyone who owns these speakers ever used them successfully with a Fisher 800C receiver? Hope to hear.
shouldn't be much different then using with the vintage quad electronics of that time.
I recently purchased 57's and also have a small room. I have driven them with a Marantz 8b (35 watts) with incredible results. I also own a Fisher 400 and 500c and while I have not tried that combo, I think that they would work well also. Enjoy the music!

I have owned 4 ESL57's for a long time. They are truely remarkable speakers if you look after them.

I dont know about the Fisher amp but I have powered them very sucessfully with a Pioneer SA508 solid-state amp rated at 25 watts per channel... It was one of the best soudning systems I had.

I had a pair of Quad ESL 63s that I used with a Fisher 400 receiver. The combination worked fine. No lack of power. The sound was very warm, and the bass was not as tight as with more modern tube amps. Overall, very nice.