Quantum Science Audio Thread

This is a thread for those who wish to discuss Quantum Science Audio products of all types.
Can anyone give me an idea of how much, and what kind of, improvement you get going from a blue fuse to a yellow one? I'm contemplating another QSA purchase, and trying to decide between a yellow fuse upgrade from blue in one of my components (probably the amp), and another set of 6 stones.

I got 3 Light Blue fuses:

1 for my Amp

1 for my Paul Hynes SR7T

1 for my Paul Hynes SR5T

The sound changed from Very Good to AMAZING, HUGE, real and addictive, Yes I know a lot of folks dont believe in fuses or even wall receptacles, they do make a difference but in the case of these fuses are MAYOR / BRUTAL.

I wonder if upgrading the Yellow line worth the price jump over the Blue Light ?


Some of you folks may have fused speakers like my ARs. Have any of you used QSA fuses for your speakers? Curious about your results.

Also, have any of you QSA fuse users had a fuse blow?


Anyone else besides myself and millercarbon tried the QSA stones? What about the outlets, has anyone tried those?

I have the Red outlet. 400 hours to break in. Good results but the fuses are killer.


I have active Manger S1 speakers and they take two fuses each. TG only had two Yellow fuses on hand and I installed one on each speaker last night. Very huge SQ increase. May now go 4 Red.