"Absolute best" used speaker for $8-10K

I'm in need for some solid recommendation for the "absolute best" used speakers in the $8-10K price range, floorstanding model only.
I'm looking for pinpoint imaging and superb retreival with clean tight low end.
Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated.
If your room isn't too small, used Dynaudio Confidence C4 is right in your price ballpark.
I guess our answers could be a poularity contest,as many of these threads are. My vote goes for the speakers I own: Sophia,series 2. Not any series 2's 4sale,yet. I had the originals and they qualify. Worth a listen,rather than assuming others' 'votes' match your prefereces.
I'll second Chris #1's vote for the Avantgarde Duo's....... I'm loving mine.

Chris #2
I don't know how big your room is and I don't understand your $8,000.00-$10,000.00 unless that's just a "I want a really good floor standing speaker".

The reason that I bring that up is that I believe that the Thiel 2.4 for around $4,000.00 new is a very good speaker that you might consider.

Thiel's may be very demanding on the quality of your equipment, but being that accurate isn't necessarily a bad thing. With your extra money you could even upgrade your other equipment.

I hope that you'll at least give them a listen, I'd take them over the B&W 803 D's that I've heard without a second thought. That's nothing against B&W, eight months ago I finally replaced my B&W Silver Signature's that I had for the last nine years. I didn't get the Thiel 2.4's because I have a small room, 10x12, and the Harmonic Precision Caravelle monitors worked better.