"Warm Sounding" Solid State Amplifiers

As a Canadian I am naturally a huge fan of Bryston products but not long ago I switched things up for a NAD C355BEE integrated amp and instantly realized what I had been missing in terms of warmth, sweetness and overall pleasant sound.

I'm interested in moving up from there into some Class A or A/B amps but I don't know of any other warm sounding Solid State amps other than Pass Labs which are out of my price range at the moment.

Tubes are obviously "where it's at" as they would say but the maintenance factor is somewhat of a deterrent for me. Should I just go for an M series NAD amp or is there another intermediate product between that and Pass Labs??
I am going to disagree with NAD Master series. I have owned the M2 Direct Digital Amplifier and I would not classify it as a warm sounding amp but more technical. I had it with my PSB Synchrony Ones speakers (it was a nice match) and then with Tetra 606's speakers (absolutely amazing). I think the M2 is a great integrated and I wish I had not sold it. But to answer your question, as others have suggested Class A may get you closer to what you are looking for. For Class A/B what about Naim?
you have not really listed a price range. so this might not be a choice for you. but I would suggest trying to listen to a used darTZeel NHB-108.....which can be purchased in the $10k-$13k price range. they are $25k new. 10 years ago I switched from tubed Tenor to darTZeel (I now have the dart 458 monoblocks) since it had the breath-of-life of tubes, that always listenable smooth extended treble, and the low noise and amplifier grip of solid state. read about the darTZeel and you will find legendary swiss build quality, but mostly about it's lack of global feedback and low parts count in the signal path. and it's full bodied sweet midrange and great micro dynamics and lively sound. no grain, or etch, or brightness. just music.

best wishes in finding the right amp and I hope you get a chance to listen to the dart.
I always liked B&K,McCormack DNA series and Belles for sounding tube like to me.
If you get a chance give them a listen if you can; what speakers are you driving?
Hi, also from Canada.

Well, although my recommendation may not be a solid state amp, it is one...almost!

Pathos Logos. It has 100 watts / channel solid state power section with a pair of 6922 tubes in the preamp section.

Call it the beauty and the beast! Wonderfull, sweet sound with no maintenance needed.

I may unfortunately have to sell it soon due to system change and lack of use.